T-SQL Tuesday #84: Taking the next step - becoming a speaker

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday presents a challenge: become a speaker. The introvert in me thinks thats terrifying, but it’s not out of the question.  Since I’ve started my professional career over 15 years ago, I’ve naturally become a better speaker.  I’ve presented many things to my co-workers, held plenty of training sessions, and speak with management at ease. On the other hand, speaking to a room full of peers who I don’t know (and probably know more than me) - that’s a different story.

I’m a lifelong student. I always want to learn and I enjoy being challenged.  A dream of mine has been to author a book, a technical one since that’s the area that I feel I have the most experience in.  Unfortunately it’s an unlikely goal - I imagine it's a tremendous amount of work and I’ve never been the best writer.  On top of that, who would want to read what I author?  What if it's not interesting?  What if it's just plain WRONG?   It's a lot of pressure.

Back to speaking - I don’t consider myself an expert in any topic area.  How can I become a speaker if I’m not an expert?  I guess that brings the point of this T-SQL Tuesday challenge: I don’t need to be.  I’ve accepted that I’m not.  Will I be one day? I hope so.  I have plenty of invaluable experience that is worth sharing, I just need to jump in and prepare something, practice it, and present it.

As for this challenge: I accept.    

As a start to the journey I’ve been meaning to present a lunch and learn to my coworkers about our database environment - I’ll make it a point to do prepare the slides and present them by the end of the year.  In addition, I’m working on learning and absorbing as much as I can to give back to the amazing SQL server community that is out there.