About Me

I'm Scott Millard.  I work as a SQL database administrator near Orlando, FL.  I started in IT as a developer, but the more I worked with databases the more I realized I loved working with data and building systems around data.  I've worked in IT for over 15 years holding many positions ranging from client support to server administrator to developer and database administrator.  

Working with technology throughout my time has allowed me to gain a fine grain knowledge of the pieces that put our technologies to work - and I can still honestly say - It's always DNS (Ok, not really, but maybe 33% of the time).

What's with the website name?

It's an homage to flying - one of my other passions in life.  Typically, the pilot in command flies in the left hand seat.  I feel since DBAs and SQL server administrators typically build and maintain critical systems, we deserve to do so from the left seat.

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